Nez+LMR cahiers des naturels

Ylang-ylang in perfumery

Nez (Nez, the olfactory magazine, The Big Book of Perfume) has teamed up with LMR Naturals by IFF, the gold standard in natural ingredients for the perfume industry, to present a collection that is unique in the field: The naturals notebook.

A traveler drawn to tropical climates, ylang- ylang first appeared in Southeast Asia before settling in Madagascar and the Comoros, its main producers today. Its long,  slender petals waft their intoxicating scent at nightfall.
Turned into absolute or essential oil, it gives off floral, spicy, fruity, solar and creamy notes.

Discover all the facets of this exotic flower by journeying through botany, history, gastronomy, agriculture and chemistry without overlooking, of course, perfume and perfumers.

Éléonore de Bonneval

Olivier R.P. David

Jeanne Doré

Anne-Sophie Hojlo

Delphine de Swardt

Amélie Fontaine