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Blackcurrant bud in perfumery
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Cultivated in Burgundy, France, the fruit of the blackcurrant bush is famous for its use in liqueurs and aperitifs. But it is the bud that is employed in perfumery: Green and fruity with a liqueur-like bite, blackcurrant bud absolute is a high-end ingredient that constitutes one of the rare natural fruity notes in the perfumers’ palette.


Explore the many facets of this mauve and unpretentious bud, journeying from botany, history, art and gastronomy to agriculture and chemistry, without overlooking, of course, the world of fragrances and their creators.

Éléonore de Bonneval,

Mathilde Cocoual,

Olivier R.P. David,

Jeanne Doré,

Anne-Sophie Hojlo,

Delphine de Swardt.

Amélie Fontaine