Nez, la revue olfactive

Nez #6 The olfactory magazine
Society / science / art / culture / perfume
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Published biannually, Nez explores the world around us via our sense of smell. It provides an insight into the vital role that olfactory sensations play in our lives in a novel approach

that encompasses art, literature, photography, science, history, and perfume.

How is our sense of smell connected with our mind and body? The sixth edition of Nez looks at perfume’s therapeutic and spiritual roles, and explores the influence of odours in our daily lives on our health, our mood and our emotions.



Literature and perfume, an age-old love story.



Making good use of their noses, each in their own manner contributes

to the world of olfaction.



Everything you always wanted to know about smell but were afraid to ask.

— The story of vanillin

— The lily, a mute royal flower

— Analysing the smells of exercise



Invisible yet undeniable, smells feature in all creative fields.

— Andy Warhol’s permanent smell collection

— Banho de Cheiro, invigoration for mind and body

— Scents of the amazon captured by Thierry Ardouin

— Yu Hui Tseng, tea master

— ‘Avant-garden’, the perfumery of the future

— Papuan spirits at the quai branly museum in Paris

— Olfactory column by Céline Ellena



Exploring the world of perfume through its origins, its trade secrets, its history and its professionals.

— Patchouli, an endangered treasure

— Interview: Isabelle Doyen

— Flashback: the 1980s

— The fantasy perfumery



Examining the relationship between our nose, our body and our mind through the prism of history, health, research, religion and psychoanalysis.

— Interview with Annick le Guérer perfume, the original medicine

— A nose for ailments using odour to screen for disease

— The debate about aromatherapy can essential oils really be dangerous?

— Scents with superpowers how do perfumers influence our emotions?

— A pure mind in a polluted body incense, smoke… the smells of the sacred

— The subconscious of scent what our fragrances reveal about us



From consumer products to works of art, Nez takes a look behind the scenes

of the perfume industry, and also appraises the 30 new fragrances making the news.

— Investigation scent marketing, a secret weapon of mass seduction

— Behind the brand Neela Vermeire créations

— Genealogy l’origan by Coty

— The selection what’s new and our picks: perfumes, cosmetics and home fragrance

— Point of view the deceptive sense

Denyse Beaulieu,

Béatrice Boisserie,

Eléonore de Bonneval,

Sarah Bouasse,

Eugénie Briot,

Pascale Caussat,

Yohan Cervi,

Cécile Clouet,

Carole Couturier,

Olivier R. P. David,

Constance Deroubaix,

Jeanne Doré,

Céline Ellena,

Juliette Faliu,

Hirac Gurden,

Clara Muller,

Patrice Revillard,

Delphine de Swardt,

Guillaume Tesson,

Alexis Toublanc,

Léa Walter

Jeremy Perrodeau

Thierry Ardouin