Nez+LMR cahiers des naturels

Art of Natural

Nez (Nez, the Olfactory magazine ; The Big Book of Perfume) has teamed up with LMR Naturals by IFF, the gold standard in natural ingredients for the perfume industry, to present a collection that is unique in the field : The naturals notebook.

Monique Rémy was a pioneer and an iconoclast. She founded LMR in 1983, driven by her passion for the natural world. With her bold vision, high standards and integrity, she rallied the best allies around her, first and foremost perfumers, by offering them natural extracts of uncompromising quality. Part of IFF since 2000, LMR has remained faithful to its original values of transparency, respect and innovation. On the occasion of the company’s 40th anniversary, perfumers from all backgrounds, engineers, growers, business leaders and partners share their memories of Monique Rémy and pay homage to her unique impact on the fragrance industry.

Béatrice Boisserie

Sarah Bouasse

Éléonore de Bonneval

Aurélie Dematons

Judith Gross

Jessica Mignot

Guillaume Tesson

Delphine de Swardt