Nez, la revue olfactive

Nez #7 The olfactory magazine
Society / science / art / culture / perfume
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Published biannually, Nez explores the world around us via our sense of smell. It provides an insight into the vital role that olfactory sensations play in our lives in a novel approach that encompasses art, literature, science, history, food and perfume.
How do animals use their sensitive noses? What is a vegan fragrance? Is the human sense of smell really as ancillary to our other senses as we think it is? The seventh edition of Nez examines the numerous, complex connections that link odours and animality.


Four insightful snapshots.

Making good use of their noses, each in their own manner contributes to the world of olfaction.

Everything you always wanted to know about smell but were afraid to ask.

The story of ambrox and woody ambers.

Pepper, a berry with bite.

Why do roses in a florist’s shop have no fragrance?

Analysing the smells of the beauty salon.

Invisible yet undeniable, smells feature in all creative fields.

H.P. Lovecraft: the smell of terror.

Shamama, the (all but) forgotten treasure of Kannauj.

In the belly of an indian temple, by Alain Willaume.

Chris Powers, the craft beer brewer.

Resilience, by Josely Carvalho.

Diana after the hunt, by François Boucher.

Olfactory column by Céline Ellena.

Exploring the world of perfume through its origins, its trade secrets, its history and its professionals.

Report: the jasmine of Grasse.

Interview: Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

Flashback: the 1950s.

The fantasy perfumerie.
An overview of the wild side of olfaction through the prism of history, zoology, perfumery and gastronomy.

The beast in us: do humans have keen noses too?

The sense of smell of animals: a spotlight on species with sharp noses.

The mighty smells of meat: aromas that whet the appetite and turn the stomach.

Ingredients in the dock:
how animal products have disappeared from perfume flacons.

Ambergris, the grey ‘gold’ from the ocean who are the last of the ambergris hunters?

Scents of feather and fur: a bestiary of olfactory creations.

In the words of perfumers: the scent of a cat, by Isabelle Doyen, and that of a horse, by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato.

From consumer products to works of art, Nez goes behind the scenes of the perfume industry, and also appraises 30 new fragrances making the news.

Investigation: are perfumes too expensive?

Behind the brand: Lorenzo Villoresi.

Genealogy: Vent vert by Balmain.

The selection: what’s new and our picks perfumes, cosmetics and home fragrance.

Point of view: those who smell.

Denyse Beaulieu, 

Béatrice Boisserie, 

Eléonore de Bonneval, 

Sarah Bouasse, 

Pascale Caussat, 

Yohan Cervi, 

Cécile Clouet, 

Carole Couturier, 

Olivier R. P. David, 

Aurélie Dematons, 

Constance Deroubaix, 

Jeanne Doré, 

Céline Ellena, 

Benjamin Eskinazi, 

Juliette Faliu, 

Clara Muller, 

Lionel Paillès, 

Patrice Revillard, 

Roland Salesse, 

Angela Sanders, 

Delphine de Swardt, 

Guillaume Tesson, 

Alexis Toublanc, 

Léa Walter, 

Saskia Wilson-Brown 

Amélie Fontaine, 

Jeremy Perrodeau, 

Irène Schoch 

Alain Willaume