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The Patchouli in perfumery
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Once seen as a scent favoured by courtesans and hippies, patchouli has become a key ingredient in today’s perfumery. Its warm, woody and complex fragrance provides the perfect setting for fresher notes to run free, especially in chypre and oriental perfumes. Explore every aspect of this exotic plant, from botany, history, art, gastronomy, literature, agriculture and chemistry, to the perfumers who use it and the perfumes they create.


Nez éditions (Nez, the olfactory magazine) has teamed up with Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), the gold standard in natural ingredients for the perfume industry, to present a collection that is unique in the field: The naturals notebook.

Éléonore de Bonneval,

Jeanne Doré,

Will Inrig,

Olivier R. P. David,

Delphine de Swardt

Amélie Fontaine