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Orris in perfumery

Orris, extracted from irises grown in Tuscany and southern France, is one of the most costly raw materials in the perfumer’s palette. It takes five or six years after planting for the scent molecules needed for the precious absolute to develop in the rhizomes. The complex, delicate scent is floral, powdery, woody and buttery, with a hint of violet.
Explore all the facets of this luxury component of fine perfumes, from botany to history, art, literature, agriculture and chemistry, and learn more about orris-based fragrances and the men and women behind them.

Éléonore de Bonneval, 

Olivier R.P. David, 

Jeanne Doré, 

Anne-Sophie Hojlo, 

Will Inrig, 

Delphine de Swardt 

Amélie Fontaine